01 30 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions

30 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions – Easy Method For Long & Thick Hair

30 inch tape in hair extensions are supplied by APOHAIR with a large amount each year. Customers around the world like to use them because of their...
01 20 Inch Weave Wavy Hair

Amazing hairstyle with 20 inch weave wavy hair

What you should know about our products? As you can see in the picture, this hair is machine weft hair, one of the most convenient hair extensions ever....
01 32 Inch Clip In Extension

How to blend your natural hair with 32 inch clip in extension

Wearing hair extension brings us the beauty, the confidence and new hairstyles as well, especially long hair as 32 inch clip in extension. However, it is not...
01 12 Inch Weave

Top 3 do-it-yourself hairstyle for 12 inch weave

For short hair lovers, 12 inch weave hairstyles totally satisfy them. With shoulder-length, you needn’t to pay much attention in haircare. However, it may limit your hairstyle...
01 26 Inches Clip In Hair Extensions

26 Inches Clip In Hair Extensions – A Quick & Convenient Solution

There are many types of hair products that you can look for in Apohair. We are really happy to have become a very reliable companion of many...
01 18 Inch Weave For Prom Hairstyle Ideas

18 inch weave for prom hairstyle ideas

Prom is not only a party to have fun, it is also a place to show your beautiful 18 inch weave hairstyles. If you are wondering which...
01 24 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

24 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions – Be Ready For A New Hairstyle

We are Apohair, one of the leading brands in the field of exporting hair to the international market. Over a long time of establishment and development, we...
01 14 Inch Clip In Hair Extension

Finding your idea hairstyle with 14 inch clip-in hair extension

When you have short hair and want to try a more glamorous hairstyle. You don’t like very long hair and still want to add body, texture, and...
01 22 Inch Hair Extension

The 3 big APO hair 22 inch hair extension trends in 2019

2019 has just passed by and APO hair wants to sum up the 3 big 22 inch hair extension trends. These hair trends are not officially recognized...

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