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Hoodie refers to a kind of casual clothes. It is an ideal choice for students to wear to go to school, it is also suitable for outdoor activities such as sports, travel, picnics, etc. It can be said that hoodie is a symbol of dynamism and youthfulness. A hoodie becomes an indispensable item in anyone’s wardrobe in the last days of autumn.

One of the most important reasons why hoodie is never out of fashion is that you can easily mix and match a hoodie with different kinds of pants or skirts.

So what about hairstyles? What hairstyles can wear with a hoodie? We are going to give you some suggestion.

Ponytail hairstyle


The combination of hoodie and high ponytail will make you look full of energy. Ariana Grande is a typical example of this combination as she is usually seen to appear with a super high ponytail on the top of her head while wearing a hoodie. A hoodie can also go with a low ponytail, but you will look less dynamic in comparison with a high ponytail.

Two-ponytail hairstyle

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In a 2016 Korean drama named Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Lee Sung Kyung popularized the combination of hoodie and two-ponytail hairstyle when she played the role of Kim Bok Joo. Two short ponytails at each side of her face together with short blunt bangs contribute significantly to her lovely image.

Besides short ponytails, it is okay to mix hoodie with two long ponytails or two voluminous ponytails without losing the loveliness.

Two-side braided hairstyle

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Mixing a hoodie with two-side braided hairstyles will make many girls look cooler while it can also make the others look cuter. The result depends a lot on their daily styles, their appearances as well as their facial expressions.

For girls who are associated with dynamic style, a snapback hat will be highly appreciated to help them look much cooler.

Short blunt hair

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Similar to two-side braided hairstyle, short blunt hair mixing with a hoodie is capable of making you both cooler and cuter depending on certain situations and certain people. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that such a perfect connection ensures a youthful look because short blunt hair is naturally one of the most suitable hairstyles for students.

High bun hairstyle

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If you are the one who follows dynamic style, you must not miss “hoodie-high bun” style. People will certainly find it difficult to guess how old you are because of this stunning combination.

Medium hair and long hair

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In terms of medium length hair and long hair, you just need to wear your natural hair down when wearing a hoodie if you are a “good girl”. On the other hand, a colorful hairstyle, an ombre one and a hairstyle with a unique color are suitable for girls who love hip-hop style.

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