Hairdo braided headband – 5 best styles to be a queen in this summer

01 Hairdo Braided Headband

In summer days, girls tend to search for simple and lovely hairstyles to look more youthful and deal with the hot weather. And that’s one of the reason why hairdo braided headband has become more and more popular. So, why not try it now? Let check our article to know more about hairdo braided headband and the 5 best styles for the summer.

Why hairdo braided headband?

The hairstyle is called braided headband as the front braid looks and works like a real headband which keeps the hair locks from falling off your face. Thanks to the front braid, you will be more comfortable in the hot summer days. Also, this braided headband is really easy to do; hence, you can make it your daily hairstyle to look beautiful in a short time. The hairstyle is suitable with many concepts, you can go with it from work to gyms, to a party or formal occasions.

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How to make the front braid of braided headband style?

There are many marvelous styles for an impressive front braid, but the most basic one can be simply done as follows:

1. Take a section of the hair behind your left ear and comb or brush it through to remove any knots
2. Split the hair section into three and make a simple three-strand braid
3. Place the braid across your head and secure the end behind your right ear with a bobby pin.

02 Hairdo Braided Headband

Making a front braid is the first basic step of hairdo braided headband. You can leave your hair like that and it’s already a cute hairstyle. Yet, if you want something special, you can create your own hairstyle with the rest hair. And here we introduce you 5 stunning headband hairstyles you can easily do it yourself to rock your days.

5 best hairdo braided headband styles for summer 2020

  1. Braided Headband with Messy Bun

03 Hairdo Braided Headband

The messy bun in this hairstyle will put the highlight on the braided headband since it shows off fully the intricate braid. Besides, with your hair tied up neatly into a messy bun, you can enjoy your summer days without worrying about the high temperature.

It’s not hard to make a messy bun on your hair. However, if your hair is not thick enough for a nice messy bun, try to wear a messy bun hair piece to add volume to your bun.  

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  1. Braided Headband for Formal Event

04 Hairdo Braided Headband

Braided headband doesn’t need to always be the star of the headband hairstyles. With this style, it is the headband braid that accents the basic loose low updo. It goes perfectly with formal events and can even be a great bridal hairstyle. You can make the top part a bit bouffant to add volume throughout the braid crown and balance the heaviness of the updo.

  1. Double Braided Headband

05 Hairdo Braided Headband

The double braids will bring a new breath to your headband hairstyles. With this style, your hair will be braided twice. The braids need to lie side-by-side along the hairline. After you finish braiding, secure the double braids behind your ear with an elastic band or bobby pin. With the remaining hair, you can tie it into a messy side bun to make the hairstyle look cuter.

  1. Sweet and Simple Braided Hair Headband

06 Hairdo Braided Headband

Sometimes it is simplicity that brings the special aesthetic affect. This may be one of the simplest headband hairstyles, but it accentuates your beautiful natural long hair. All you need to do is making a basic braid headband like the one we instruct in the first part of the article. Let the bangs, curls, side strands and top hair to flow freely to show off your silky graceful hair.

  1. Spiraled Braided Updo

07 Hairdo Braided Headband

The highlight of this hairdo braided headband is the spiraled bun. It looks simple yet elegant and can shine up the natural beauty of your face. The hair strands on both sides make you look so sweet and romantic. This style can go with you in wedding parties and formal events.

A side note

If your hair doesn’t long enough to make a lovely braid headband, you can always find yourself a hair extension at APO’s online store. The perfect quality of hair extensions will help you create a glamorous hairstyle. Check it out HERE.

And now, you have a close look of hairdo braided headband. We hope that the article will help you have a charming style. Please keep following our blog for more useful info. Thank you for reading.  


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