Hair extension- The functional hair accessory for girl

Natural Wavy Closure Browm Color
Natural Wavy Closure Browm Color

How to own a modern style without taking too much time on waiting your hair to grow.

Now it’s easy if you know how to use the convenient hair product. Comparing with wig, hair extension helps you quickly have an attractive appearance.

Within only 5 minutes, you can change your total look only by using hair extension products. Why don’t you come and try beautiful hair extension to have a valuable experience?

Natural Wavy Closure Browm Color

Which unique characteristics does hair extension have?

If you never use hair extension, let find out some below unique features.

Almost hair extension products are made from 2 main materials: Kanekalon and real hair. Each individual material has its own pros and cons. Actually, it’s preferable to choose the hair extension made from real hair because of its beauty and strength. Let take “flat tip body wave”- one real hair extension product for example. Based on some reviews of users, there are several good points they can see after using that extension made from Vietnam human hair.  Those Vietnam human hair products are loved and chosen by a lot of female customers.

Flat tip bodywave made from Vietnam human hair.

First, all cuticles run in same directions and there will be no shedding or no tangle. Next, the extension considered as good as Vietnam human hair in terms ofbeing silk, shining and soft, making the customers to feel confident when wearing it. Also, the hair extension is thick, which make the girl who suffers from hair loss love using it to have thick and healthy hair appearance. Last but not least, the Vietnam human hair extension is clean without lice or other insects so customers don’t need to worry about its sanitation.

How to use hair extension

If you don’t know how to use hair extension, you’ll think it’s difficult and complicated. Normally, it takes girls 2- 3 weeks to get used to wearing the hair extension.  However, when you know to apply it on your hair well, you only need 5 minutes to finish that. Below are some tips to wear hair extension

First, take a piece of hair on the top of your head enough to cover the clamp, tie the hair back.

Second, bring the hair to the clamp position and note it to the right of the border that was taken earlier.

Next, attach the hair extension to the real hair.

Finally, put the top of your head downto cover the edge of the hair.

Note: You should choose the hairextension whose colouris similar to the real hair to create a unified, confident shine without worrying about being exposed.

Hair, like real human hair, it also needs caring to remain longer and  healthier so taking care of it is essential. With only simple steps such as cleaning it regularly with aprropriate hair care products or gently brushing with the professional tool in order for avoid hair loss, your hair can become more beautiful and shining, which help you have a better look and be more confident in front of other people.


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