Grow longer hair with eggs

Dry Blow
Dry Blow

True be told that hair is made of protein. Additionally, eggs contain a rich source of protein that can be easy to understand why eggs play a significant role in growing and strengthen your hair. Forget about your favorite breakfast, eggs can do fabulous things to your hair. Let’s see how amazing an egg can do to grow your hair in this article today.

With It

It is obvious that your hair has been undergoing tons of chemical treatments, heat styling, and environmental factors such as pollution which all make your hair become weak and eventually break. To put it in a different way, breakage is the main reason that you cannot retain the hair length that you might expect. Even though your hair can grow incredibly fast, you will not get the maximum length if it is breaking. But ladies, don’t be worried, here is how you can deal with it.

First of all, focus on your hair care routine step by step. It is necessary to pay attention to conditioning your hair regularly which makes your hair hydrated and strong. The first thing that you should remember is to wash your hair less! It might seem weird but it’s true because if you wash your hair too regularly, the natural oil on your scalp will be stripped off leaving your scalp and hair dehydrated. Secondly, never skip conditioning step to ensure the moisture on the hair strands. At the same time, it’s recommended to use some deep conditioner such as natural masks to supply your hair with more water and nutrients. The next thing is to avoid heat from styling hair tools to your hair which might burn out your hair strands easily. Also, don’t forget to let your hair dry naturally using a soft cotton cloth instead of a dry blow.

Dry Blow

Besides, it’s suggested to use some hair care and supplements to rebuild hair structure by providing your hair with the building blocks for healthy hair to thrive including biotin for hair growth. A lot of hair supplements are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that your hair requires getting in order to grow healthily and silky. At the same time, you can use a protein treatment to your hair by adding eggs to your favorite conditioner. You would then apply this mixture to your hair (after washing) and leave in for 1 hour. You can then rinse and continue with normal styling. This treatment is super effective in reducing breakage and restoring hair to optimal health. Besides, your hair will become thicker and fuller after each treatment. While egg treatments can help strengthen hair, it’s only a part of your healthy hair journey!

So rush to your kitchen and pick one egg to prepare for your hair treatment right now, ladies. In addition, don’t use this treatment more than 2 times a week, one to twice weekly be way enough.



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