Have you been facing frizzy dry hair problem?

Vietnam Remy Hair 1
Vietnam Remy Hair 1

The complex structure of the hair is not so easy to understand.

When hair becomes a neglected aspect in our routine, the imbalance in its healthy structure begins to show up. Roughness, dryness, split-ends, breakage, hair loss, frizzy hair, dandruff, itchy scalp; all these issues become a part of us.

Treating frizzy hair is nothing but taming your unruly dry frizzy hair.

Vietnam Remy Hair

The challenge is how to tame frizzy hair. It is not as easy as it looks. Dryness and brittleness accompanies frizzy hair which makes things more badly.You have natural hair or using hair extensions,frizzy hair will be troublesome to make you tired.

My customers use vietnam remy hair, they also complain about the trouble encountered. Although Vietnam remy hair is so smooth and soft. This shows that even if you have a healthy and smooth hair but do not care properly, the hair will still be frizzy dry. After my sharing, their problems have been resolved.

Don’t brush dry hair

This is sheer common sense. Frizzy hair is already extremely dry. If you try to brush dry hair, you are doing no good to your tresses. It is an easy way to break your own hair.

So follow this rule with top priority, ‘don’t brush dry hair’.

Tame with the help of conditioner

Conditioners are something that does miracle to hair. With the help of conditioners hair can be tamed to a great extent. The unruly wild look of the hair can be brought down and made to look soft and shiny. Never skip conditioners from your hair routine.

Protein conditioners

Hair is majorly constituted of protein which keeps hair healthy, soft and smooth. When you use conditioners and other hair care products that are loaded with proteins you are actually facilitating softness in your hair.

Vietnam Remy Hair 1


Moisturizing is must for all parts of body. Hair and scalp are no exception. Use natural oils like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil as they are efficient in moisturizing dry scalp and conditioning frizzy hair.

Use alcohol free products

Watch what you put on your head and hair. If there is even minimum percentage of alcohol in the products you use, your hair is likely to dry further and frizziness goes beyond control.

Homemade treatments to control frizzy hair

Home remedies have always been useful for all types of hair issues. The DIY hair masks with ingredients right from your kitchen shelves are extremely beneficial for smoothening of hair strands.

Some of the best used natural ingredients to tame frizzy hair are –  coconut milk, avocado,apple cider vinegar ripe, banana, beer. Use any of these as key ingredients in the home made masks and packs.

Gently use a round brush

Do not mindlessly tear though your tresses. Brushing frizzy hair requires great patience and ample time. Use a round hair brush which makes the job a lot easy and better.

Hope my posts will be helpful. And if you are using vietnam remy hair do not worry. Because of the nature of the hair was very beautiful and soft. You just need to take care of the right way.

Have you been facing frizzy dry hair problem? Have you been facing any vietnam remy hair problem? Share your ways of hair care for frizzy hair



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