Experience different hairstyles with your bangs

Experience Different Hairstyles With Your Bangs2
Experience Different Hairstyles With Your Bangs2

Have you ever been tired of your bangs? Have you ever wanted to try another bangs style? However, it is a fact that many women are afraid of that as they do not know whether they are suitable or not?

Do not worry since you are lucky that you have a fringe which can transform a lot to flatter your gorgeous face. With hair extensions, you also can deal with many hairstyles in many hair length levels without sacrificing the length of your hair. Now, let’s see how glamorously bangs can change your look.

Lash-Skimming Bangs

Experience Different Hairstyles With Your Bangs
Experience Different Hairstyles With Your Bangs

We can see this pretty bangs style through Sarah Hyland’s look. She chose the seriously heavy bangs when turned out to the FYC event for ABC’s Modern Family. Being done by Ryan Richman, this lash-skimming fringe appears to be a hairpiece. With this style, Sarah had a gorgeous look.

Side-Swept Bangs with a bun

Experience Different Hairstyles With Your Bangs1

Stepping out at the Critics’ Choice Awards, Emilia Clarke attracted people with a brand-new style featuring brow-grazing, side-swept bangs which frame the actress’ high cheekbones beautifully. If you are interested in this style, you can refer to this Emilia Clarke’s look.

Long, Piece Bangs

Experience Different Hairstyles With Your Bangs2

In this picture, Sofia Vergara’s bangs worked so well in boosting her beauty. People all know that her hair is long and thick, however; her thinned-out fringe is amazing. If you want to apply this style, there is a note for you. In the case that the bangs start sticking to the forehead, you can solve the issue by misting a dry shampoo at the roots and massaging through bangs with your fingertips.

Classic Side-Swept Bangs

Experience Different Hairstyles With Your Bangs3

The classic side-swept bangs will contribute a lot to enhancing your appearance. It is a flexible style as it can fit many different face shapes. Moreover, it also can frame your face beautifully.

Long, Airy Bangs

Experience Different Hairstyles With Your Bangs4

This is a style for straight bangs. How a polish hairstyle! You can see it through Rashida Jones’s look. She was elegant with the perfect bangs. There is a tip for you to control your hair bang if you apply this style. It is finishing by quickly sweeping a flatiron over the hair in an arc, which helps the ends lay flat against the forehead.

Short Bangs

Experience Different Hairstyles With Your Bangs5

Cara Delevigne appeared so attractive and sexy with her pixie cut and short bangs. This is a suitable style for round-face girls as it slims a round face and makes a small forehead look longer. If you like this look and style, ask your stylist to cut blunt bangs two inches back from your brows.

Above are 6 different hairstyles for bangs which are all fabulous and good at enhancing your stunning appearance. Hope that after scanning all of them, you will choose your best one. In addition, you can do more with hair extensions which can add your hair length, volume and even your bangs.

To get the best result, it is highly suggested to use Apohair extensions – a Vietnamese hair extensions brand. There are many good quality extensions products for you to choose. Short hair, chin length hair or shoulder length hair are all available to help you promote your hair look.


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