Vietnamese Hair Extensions
Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Do you tie your Vietnamese hair up everyday? Although styling Vietnamese hair everyday by different types of tying hair is a common habit of many girls who always want to appear gorgeously and beautifully, tying hair up too regularly or too tightly is not very good. In this post, we will provide you some useful information related to the effects of tying hair everyday.

Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Cause hair loss

In 2016, researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine confirmed a strong relationship between tying hair and hair loss. Accordingly, hair loss is caused by tying hair too tightly or for a  long time.

Research subjects are African American ballet dancers who often tie their hair up or braid their hair tightly. Noticeably, they all suffer from hair loss. Skin discoloration even appears in some of them because there are bald spots in some certain areas of their scalp.

Specifically, tying hair up can pull your hair out of the hair follicles, hair roots are loosened. Consequently, the hair will break more easily. More seriously, hair loss can lead to baldness. Bald spots are usually located in the middle of your hairline and temple.

Vietnamese Hair Extensions001

Cause headaches

Because of tying Vietnamese hair too tightly, hair roots are pulled strongly, which puts pressure on the scalp. Furthermore, blood flow to the scalp and to the hair follicles is reduced. Finally, the headaches appear. This situation is more serious for anyone who has the habit of tying hair even when going to bed. In fact, there should be a time for hair to rest after a long day so that  blood circulation is balanced. Many doctors advise that it’s necessary to quit this bad habit unless you want to suffer from chronic headache.

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As a result,  try to tie your Vietnamese hair as loosely and lowly as possible to give your scalp a chance to breathe. Or else, put your Vietnamese hair down to make it look more natural. After all, it’s very important to be confident in yourself that you can always beautiful and attractive with any hairstyle.


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