Different Types Of Wig And How To Become A Wise Wig Consumer

08 Wig Types

If you need some solutions to cover up hair loss or you are worry to face bald or thin hair with a blink of an eye, or, even sometimes you just want to change your hairstyles, using wig hair is a great option for you. With the increasing hair extension industry, there are lots of wigs available in the market which make the newbie feel very confused about which one is suitable for them. Don’t worry, follow APOHAIR on this blog, then you can choose the options that best suit your needs.

What kind of wigs do clients want?

There are two common kinds of wigs on the hair extensions market, they are a ready-made wig and a custom wig. Each kind of wigs is produced for different customers’ uses.

The ready-made wig

04 Wig Types


this hair wig is the product target from mass production, which is suitable for the customer to want to get the wig fast without waiting. They are almost made from synthetic, pre-styled, and just have one-size-fits-all options. If the customers want to customize this type of wig, they need to pay more to adjust to the size of the cap. Because this unit can’t custom-made for each client, they surely look counterfeit, but this is the most affordable option in which price commensurate with quality.

The custom wig

02 Wig Types

On the other hand, the custom hair wig is made specifically for each client’s requirement and their head size. This type of wig is generally made from more premium materials, most commonly, it is made from human hair which can be more comfortable to wear for a long time. It blends very well with the natural hair of the customer cause the material is from 100% human virgin hair, no one can notices that it’s anything other than your hair. However, before deciding to buy this wig, you can know that these are tailor-made, more detail needs to focus to manufacture the perfect wig product. Therefore, the time of making this wig is longer than a ready-made wig, and the results are that custom wig is very fussy about the user. 

Wig cap – Lace size inside the wig 

From the first look, you will see that all the wig are the same, but there are many different features that set them apart inside a wig. Depending on the client’s needs for hair replacement, There are two main kinds of wigs widely sold, even they look like the same but they serve different purposes. 

Full lace wig

01 Wig Types

This is the wig which we can know through another name: hand-tied wig. The full lace wig made from a whole lace cap, the size of the lace can cover your whole head. This made from 100% human virgin Remy hair and knotted into the lace by hand, guarantees that no matter which styles your wig is, it looks like your natural hair. 

Lace front wig 

05 Wig Types

Hair lace front wig is the wig with small pieces of lace along the front hairline attached to the front of the wig. This is made by both machine and craftsperson, you could style the lace part hair in any way you like. Wearing the front wig just a blink in the eye cause they are stretchy and cover the entire scalp with a natural look.

Material of hair to make wig

01 Wig Types

Choosing the material is a very important step when choosing a wig. Your client can choose from a human hair wig or synthetic hair wig, understanding the differences between two types is a good starting point for selecting the perfect wig.

Human hair wig

08 Wig Types

Be created from harvested 100% human hair, Human hair wig gives the most natural look and feel like your natural hair along with the most versatility. This hair hasn’t been dyed, permed, or bleached. It can be worth the investment though as they can last over a year with proper care. 

Synthetic hair wig

09 Wig Types

With the development of technology, a synthetic hair wig has become popular in recent years. Synthetic wig is made from man-made fiber so it lacks versatility. It can’t be blend perfectly with our natural hair even when you try any hairstyle. One of the great benefits when choosing this hair wig is that the price is less expensive than human hair, but it will also entail many restrictions: unable to be styled using hot styling tools, the short time it can be used,…

Where to buy a wig? 

With the development of technology, searching for an online wig store is just a piece of cake. But the difficulty is, there are too many choices which overwhelm you. So you should remember to check some important elements such as brand origin, policies,… 07 Wig Types

As an experienced wholesale hair supplier, APOHAIR offers a wide range of high-quality wig available. All the wigs are made from 100% human virgin hair, with the HD lace to satisfy the customers, even the grumpiest customers. 

At the bottom line, choosing the wig is belong to you. Ask yourself what do you need and how much money you will pay to buy the wig. Hopefully, with this blog, you will find your favorite wig. thanks for reading!



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