Demi Lovato’s hairstyles

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Demi Lovato is one of the young famous singers as well as actress whose personality is American. When people mention to Demi Lovato, people immediately think about a young girl wearing slight black wavy hair without any clip in hair. And it is not often short hair. People may think she wears virgin hair extensions because her hair look quite smooth and bright so that people may wonder how it can be natural hair.


One thing should be highlighted is that she often has the same length hair. Not, short hair, medium hair, the long hair may her favorite hair style. You can see in the picture; the length of the hair is about 18 inches. It is black hair and so bright. She doesn’t use clip in hair, just have everything natural as it is supposed to be. And still look beautiful and popular.

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Although her hair is not wavy anymore but it is not short hair.

Being a famous people, of course she needs to change the style in order to avoid boring and make her image continually renew. For example, she chooses to make her hair wavier and it turn to curly hair. This style of hair looks gorgeous. It makes people have the feeling that they are travelling in the sea when looking at her hair.

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Demi Lovato with the long brown curly hair.

In addition to long curly hair, she used to have bob hair style.

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Demi Lovato with the bob hair style

You know, the benefit of bob hair style is that it makes you look younger and full of energy, fresh and cool. And Demi Lovato is not an exception. If you are too familiar with Demi Lovato’s image of long hair, you immediately seem to see another her. However, how about virgin hair extensions?

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Demi Lovato used hair extensions

Using hair extensions is the fast way to change hair style and still keep your natural hair from chemical. Demi Lovato in the image of wearing colorful hair looks cool and has unique personalities. She seems to be different from daily image of long black hair. And all the benefit result from hair extensions. So easy! Thanks to hair extensions, she had different experiences with her hair in just short days.

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