Curly Remy Hair Extensions and Some Tips To Take Care of Them

01 Curly Remy Hair Extensions

Have you ever expected to have a beautiful and natural hairstyle? And to make it real, you decided to upgrade your look by adding curly Remy hair extensions. But just investing money for your high quality curly Remy hair extensions is not enough, it’s just a part of your process. You also have to spend time taking care of it and learning some tips to ensure that it can last for a long time. Evenly your extensions is very high quality, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to care for it. If you just got a new curly Remy hair extensions, here are some tips and guides for it.

Finger Combing

01 Curly Remy Hair Extensions

We all know that running your fingers through the curls is always better than brushing your curly extension to detangle it. Keep in mind that brushing curly weaves when dry will cause it to frizz out and get damaged. A wide tooth comb is properly suitable to use to comb it when wet as the curls will be retained this way.

Condition the Right Way

In any circumstances, don’t go wild on that conditioner and use it extensively. Conditioning is known to add some shine, and gloss to your hair extensions. However, submerging your hair extension in too much conditioner or any other kind of hair treatment will only make it look limp and dingy. Dirt will accumulate faster on hairs that are over conditioned so always remember to follow the principle “less is more” when conditioning your hair. The right amount of conditioner will make your hair extension look good, shiny, and soft.

Wash Gently

02 Curly Remy Hair Extensions

Have you ever carried your natural hair for weeks without washing it? If the answer is no, you also don’t need to leave your hair extensions unwashed. Although you may not need to wash your hair extensions as frequently as you do your natural hair, hair extensions still need to be washed occasionally. When washing your curly Remy hair extensions, use a shampoo and a wide tooth comb to carry out the process. Remember to be gentle when washing and treat your extensions as you will treat your natural hair and avoid using a brush to brush your curly weaves when wet. This might affect the curls in your hair. Always use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle.

Air Dry your Extensions

03 Curly Remy Hair Extensions

Most professional hair stylists suggest that you shouldn’t use heat drying for hair extensions because too much heat damages the hair in the long run. After washing your curly Remy hair extensions, let them dry naturally before using them. Using a hair dryer on curly weaves will make it frizz and dry. If you want your weaves to serve you for a long time, air drying is the better alternative.

Store Them Well

04 Curly Remy Hair Extensions

Have you ever considered how do you store your hair extensions when it not in use? The way you handle your hair extensions will effect a lot on their quality. Keep in mind to wash them and store in a Ziploc bag. Apply some light essence spray to your weave before storing so that the next time you are ready to use it, it will be soft, curly, and tangle free.

Have A Complicated Process Done by A Professional.

It is never hard to get carried away with YouTube videos available on the net. There are so many tutorials showing you the way to cut, bleach, and straighten curly Remy hair extensions yourself. Although these videos look quite easy to follow and appear to be cost effective, always remember to have a professional stylist cut, bleach, or curl your Remy hair. You will not want to end up with a “DIY gone horribly wrong” on your hands. If you spend a considerable amount of money getting Remy hair extensions then do not try to cut corners when it comes to maintaining them

The bottom line: We have just mentioned curly Remy hair extensions and some tips to care for them. So how about Non-Remy hair and the differences between Remy hair and Non-Remy hair? Are you clear about that? To have a total look about this topic, visit our website HERE and refer the fullest blog post. Hope you enjoy it!!!


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