Curly glue in weave – An easy way to have a quick curly hair weave

01 Glue In Curly Weave

In the fast-growing society, people always seek to things that can be done quickly to save time. Because of this reason, using glue to make a curly weave instead of sew-in method has become the option of so many weave lovers. And today, we will figure out the pros and cons of this method to help you have an overview of this hair extension technique.

What is glue in curly weave?

This can be considered as a way of applying a quick weave on one’s head.  Normally, there are two ways of installing a weave, namely sew-in method and glue in method. The one using glue to attach hair wefts directly to a protective cap placed on the head is quick weave since as its name states, it takes just a short time to do. And glue in curly weave is using glue to make a curly weave hairstyle.

Pros and cons of glue in curly weave

Glue in curly weave is an effective way to make a change in your appearance within minutes, but there still might be risks of damaging your hair for incorrect installation. To utilize the strengths of curly glue in weave and avoid the damage, let get the full understanding of the method.

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  1. Pros of glue in curly weave

02 Glue In Curly Weave

Save time and money

It does not cost much to apply glue in curly weave, and if you can do it on your own, it will be even cheaper. Besides, you can save time by using this method. It often takes about 3 hours to make a weave using sew-in method, yet with glue in method, you can save half of that time. For busy people, it would be a great approach to have a stunning look in a short time.


This technique doesn’t require complicated materials to carry out. All the items you need can be found at local beauty stores or available online. The maintenance is also simple, and sometimes you don’t even need to conduct any maintenance. To make your curly weave in the best state and look shiny, you can use some oil or conditioner to add moisture to your weave.

04 Glue In Curly Weave

A protective method

Another great thing of curly glue in weave is it is an effective way to protect your natural hair. Everything is applied on the hair wefts; hence, your natural hair can have a break from styling and heating exposure.


With glue in curly weave, you can also remove and make some changes to your hairstyle easily such as coloring, shortening the weave length, changing curl pattern at ease. Make use of your creativity, you will have more fascinating styles.

  1. Cons of glue in curly weave

03 Glue In Curly Weave

Using hair glue may cause breakage to your natural hair and scalp if you keep the curly weave for too long or not uninstall the weave carefully. To avoid this circumstance, remember to install and remove your curly weave properly. Also, make sure to use the weave within 2 to 4 weeks, depending on its state in order not to harm your scalp.

In addition, if your curly weave is applied too tight, it will put pressure to your scalp, thereby making you feel uncomfortable due to the heaviness. This is also the reason why curly glue in weave is recommended for girls with thin hair.

The hair glue is normally harmless; after it dries, however, there are often clumps of glue on your weave hair extension.

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An important note

Whether you use glue in or sew in method, it is essential to select the good quality of hair wefts to achieve the most perfect curly weave. At APO’s store, there are a variety of hair products for installing curly weave. Our hair varies in length, color, price and curl pattern to meet the customers’ demand. Let visit our online store and find out more NOW.

05 Glue In Curly Weave

In short, glue in curly weave is a great way to transform your look within short time. Yet, you should carry out the steps carefully to get a brilliant curly weave while not making any damage to your hair and scalp. We hope that this article brings you useful information. Please keep following our blog for more tips and updates. Thank you for reading.


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