Colored hair extensions – A brilliant choice for your hairstyle

01 Colored Hair Extensions

Feel bored with your plain short black hair? Don’t worry that you have to wait several years for it to grow long because we always have colored hair extensions out there. Using colored hair extensions will surely bring a major change in your look.  And today, we will help you to answer some important questions about this type of hair extensions before you decide to buy one for yourself and apply it on your natural hair.

What is colored hair extensions?

Maybe the word “hair extension” is too familiar with you now, and you often see one-colored hair extensions or those with ombre colors. Yet, hair companies have always strived to bring customers new products to diverse their concept, and colored hair extensions is one of them. With this type of hair extensions, users will attach the colorful wefts of hair to their natural hair. There can be 2, 10 or up to 20 colors available. Each weft of hair is dyed with a color. This enables users to be freely creative and make their own unique style.

02 Colored hair Extensions

Why should we use colored hair extensions?

Colored hair extension is an ideal style for parties, Halloween makeup, Christmas, birthday parties and other joyful festivals. Thanks to the special multi-color of the hair extension, you will shine up everywhere you go.

Moreover, for those who like bold colors and have bleached and dyed their hair for many times, colored hair extensions will be a perfect solution to their damaged hair. Colored hair extension brings the same color effect while giving some time for your natural hair to rest.

In addition, it’s really easy to install colorful hair extension on your hair, especially with clip in hair extension. This helps you to have a quick transformation and ready to go out within a short time.

03 Colored Hair Extensions

Which kind of hair is better for colored hair extensions?

Similarly with other types of hair extensions, there are two hair options for users. While synthetic hair is available at low cost, colored human hair extensions will bring you with better quality. Colored human hair extensions can be more versatile. Yet, if you don’t use the colorful extension frequently nor tend to change the texture, the synthetic one can be considered. It depends on customers’ need to choose the suitable type.

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What type of colored hair extensions should we use?

There are different types of colored hair extensions out there like tape in, clip in, etc., but it’s better to use clip in colored hair extensions. The first reason is that clip in colored hair extensions are more flexible. People normally wear colored hair extension for a day or a particular event, and clip in hair extension is often known as temporary hair extension. That means it just takes a short time to put in and easy to remove.

Besides, unlike tape in method, which requires installer to apply a tape into the natural hair to attach the hair extension and can break the natural hair when removing, clip in is much safer to users. There’s almost no harm can be done to your natural hair.

04 Colored Hair Extensions

The installation of clip in colored hair extension is also simple. All you need to do are parting your natural hair into sections, then using the clip to attach the colored hair extensions to each root of your natural hair section. You can do it yourself at home even if you are a beginner to hair extensions.

At APO’s store, we offer plenty of clip in hair extensions in diverse colors, lengths and textures. All of our products are made from human hair, so you can be guaranteed with the premium quality. Let visit our store HERE to see our stunning collection of clip in hair extensions.

In short, we have brought you some basic yet necessary information about colored hair extensions. We hope that it will be useful to you in choosing a great style for this summer. Thank you so much for reading.


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