What can you do with your curly hair?

What Can You Do With Your Curly Hair
What Can You Do With Your Curly Hair

What do you think when mentioning your curly hair? Beautiful curly locks? Glamorous hairstyles that boost your look? You absolutely can have that such gorgeous hair with the secret in styling them right.

To be impressive with your curly hair, it is important to prevent your hair from coily strands, dryness, frizzy tangles, and itchy scalp. And with the right kind of care and styling with the support of hair extensions, your curly locks can look like a dream. Therefore, the right hairstyle is very necessary.

Understanding its importance, we suggest some hairstyles to make your look stunning.

Khaleesi braids hairstyle

What Can You Do With Your Curly Hair
What Can You Do With Your Curly Hair?

To boost your curly hair, this hairstyle is for you. Just with hair pins, elastic bands and comb, you can have an amazing hairstyle. To start, you follow some steps. The first one is taking some hair from the front on one side of your head and weave it into a Dutch braid.

With the other side, do the same. Then, tie both the braids together at the back of your head as you would a half ponytail. It is done. It is simple to enhance your look with this style.

The long side braid hairstyle

What Can You Do With Your Curly Hair1

This is another braid style which is suitable for your curly hair. To apply this style, you need some tools such as curling iron, hair pins, elastic bands and comb. At first, you use a curling iron to curl your hair. Then, you take a section of hair on one side and Dutch braid that entire section of hair, leaving the rest of your curls untouched.

A ribbon or an elastic band will be used to secure the braid. The last step is to pancake the braid to make it appear more voluminous. To make your curly hair more gorgeous, you also can apply some 20 inches hair extensions to add more volume.

Twisted half ponytail hairstyle

What Can You Do With Your Curly Hair2

This twisted half ponytail style is perfect for your curly hair as it can show the beautiful aspects of your curls. If you are interested in this style, some tools named curling iron, hair clips, elastic bands, comb and ribbon can help you. The first step in the styling process is curling all your hair with a curling iron.

Then, you take section of hair from one side, twist it tightly and clip it. To emphasize the beauty of your curls, you can pick  an identical section of hair from the other side and twist it tightly as well. With an elastic band, you can use it to tie both the sections together to form a twisted half ponytail. To add more color to your hair, it is suggested to accessorize with some colorful ribbon.

Now, you know some hairstyles for your curly hair. With these gorgeous hairstyles, why don’t you try these incredible hairstyles out to enhance your beautiful hair? Moreover, to become more stunning with the hair, it is highly recommended to wear some virgin hair extensions.

You can use Apohair – a brand of virgin hair extensions to add more length and volume into your own hair. You can be spoil for choice with many kinds of hair such as keratin hair, weft hair, etc. of Apohair!


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