Biggest celebs hair transformation in 2018


It is obvious that, all you sometimes need is just a little beauty change, which can enhance and give you a big beauty improvement, and if we are asked, we would say that there’s no better way to achieve a natural beauty than by changing up your natural hair style. Even if the change would be just a hair color switching, hair cut or hair extension adding, generally, hair transformations normally have a feeling like a big change in overall.

In order to proof this, APOHAIR would like to give you the blog post about biggest celebrity hair transformations and together, we will have a look at no further than some of our favorite and well-known stars, namely Ciara, Cardi B who have gave us a lot of surprises about hairstyle breaking free. Give a certain time to check out some of the greatest celeb hair transformations of the year so far, and prepare to be inspired to make your next big appointment.

Brooklyn Decker


Brooklyn Decker have just had a major change in haircut and hair color, Melanie Packer was the stylist for the human hair transformation. The actress shared a video in public of the moment when the stylist toke her shears to her formerly long, blonde hair, with the caption: “so this is finally happening” written. Currently, Decker has got a bob appears and grazing just past her chin a little. In addition, she has also got a peachy, rosy hue that is absolute perfection and perfectly match with her skin tone.

Ashley Tisdale

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At the first glance, you might think that there is no transformation with Tisdale at all, but if you look closer to it, the actress left behind her ombré hue and boosted her blonde more lightly, brighter hue, which can be easily seen that definitely suits her face shape and skin tone. Justin Anderson was the main stylist who gave Tisdale this gorgeous human hair.

Leighton Meester

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Let’s look back in the past in April. Her former human hair was designed with slight blond and platinum hue, the actress made a significant transformation of signature chocolate-hued hair, courtesy of hair colorist Aura Friedman. At the present, her classic look with chocolate-hued natural hair is totally change her look positively, which is suitable to her face and bright skin tone, hairstylist Justin Anderson was recruited to do the job. We’d say he nailed it successfully.

Iskra Lawrence

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Do you agree with me that the new hairstyle has gave her a totally change in beauty look, which is totally gorgeous and ideal for every single woman who has long natural hair. Rose gold hair on for size was applied on the model and activist who is the latest celebrity to try it. The first debut of Lawrence’s band-new shade was at the Cannes Film Festival. Cinta Miller was the hairstylist dyed Lawrence’s hair using L’Oreal Paris Preference Infinia in Rose Gold Shade 8.23

All in all, each single celeb hair transformation has its own fresh and marvelous look which totally fits with these celebs. And each one would be your ideal reference to apply for your hair by using hair extension provided by APOHAIR. With APOHAIR, you can easily find for your own suitable hair.


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