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The Best Hairstyle Ideas from red carpet

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Awards season for 2018 is happening and audience can see a lot of celebrities with different fashionable style on stage. One of the most attractive look come from the hair styles of celebs. It is changed magically, you can see Rihanna with long straight formal Updo Hairstyle in one event and only two or three days later, she can appear with gorgeous short straight casual pixie hairstyle. It’s very exciting to see those changes which can be good ideas for you to copy the most suitable hair style: a floral-flecked pony, old Hollywood curls, or a fishtail corset braid can become the inspiration for your hair style. So if you’ve got shoulder length hair and don’t know what to do with it, let’s see some trendy styles of celebs below.


Gina Rodriguez: Doubling Up

Gina Rodriguez looks happy when smiling with her boyfriend Joe Locicero on the red carpet. It can be seen that love makes her brighter. Her appearance is also a plus point. With the sparkle short sleeved dress, it can honor Rodriguez’s charming beauty. Combing with that elegant style, she has simple but perfect hair style. Her hair is pulled back into a sleek ponytail and partitioned off at the nape of her neck by two sections of hair wrapped around. If you want to make that hair style at home, it is like a piece of cake with some pins and ties.

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Andra Day: Floral Flurry

Flower is inspiration of beauty and that can be the reason why Andra Day chooses the floral flurry hairstyle on the red carpet. Looking at her, people can the spring coming. Teeny-tiny flowers are attached on her voluminous sprinkle pony hair, which can brings the fresh and youthful beauty for her appearance.

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SZA: Dreamy Waves

The American singer and songwriter, SZA appears on the carpet with her beautiful natural black curly hair. She does not do much with her hair but still look outstanding with its simplicity and nature as well because soft texture with loose, voluminous, fluffy curls is never outdated.

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Miley Cyrus: So Hollywood

Miley Cyrus looks good on her Old Hollywood–inspired wave with long and blonde wave. Also she combines with a black long dress, which can honor her classical and charming beauty.

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Hailee Steinfeld: Red Carpet Beach Waves

For the red carpet event, Hailee Steinfeld’s hair is styled with beach waves. The singer swooped several of her hair to the opposite side for creating more volume in the front. Also her brunette may be the most common hair color loved and chosen by a lot of girls because of its everlasting beauty and never out of fashion

All of those hair styles on red carpet can be the best ideas for you to become your own stylist before going to a party or an event. Actually you have to change your real hair both the length and color to have the most modern hair style following trend. However, it takes time and to solve that problem, hair extension can be your best choice. Even long hair or short hair, brown or black color you want for your style, there will be available on the market and one of the most reliable places for high quality hair extension is APOHAIR Company.



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