Vietnamese Hair Diamond Shaped Face
Vietnamese Hair Diamond Shaped Face

Hairstyle is one of the most important factors that determine the beautiful appearance of women. Everybody wants to have a wonderful hairstyle to boost their beauty. However, people have many different face shapes and not all hairstyles match that kind of face shape. Therefore, it is vital that women should choose the hairstyle that matches their face most. Moreover, women who apply Vietnam remy hair extensions to enhance their look even should choose the suitable hairstyle to gain the best result at the first time. In this post, we will recommend some kinds of hairstyle for each face shape.

Vietnamese Hair Excessive Tangles

Before going further into hairstyles for each face shape, it is necessary to know about all kind of face shape. There are some kinds of face shape such as oval-shaped face, round-shaped face, square-shaped face, diamond-shaped face, heart-shaped face and rectangle-shaped face. Now, we will find which hairstyle matches each kind of face shape.

Oval-shaped face

Oval-shaped face is rather easy to choose hairstyle. Almost hairstyles work for this shape. Women having oval-shaped face are very lucky because they do not have to think too much to choose a hairstyle. However, it is best to choose some options such as medium-length hair, light wave or a bob.

Vietnamese Hair Diamond Shaped Face

Round-shaped face

People with round-shaped hair should make their face look longer with the support of hairstyle. Do not cut your hair too short, it will make your face look big and not good. Remember to choose the long hairstyle, not shorter than the level of your chin. If you use Vietnam remy hair extensions, it is necessary for you to choose the hair extensions effectively. With this kind of face shape, you shouldtry long straight hair, a long fringe or a long wavy ponytail.

Square-shaped face


This kind of face shape usually goes with sharp corners. To become more beautiful, you should make them look gentle. You need light shoulder-length layers all around the face. This way will limit the sharp corners and make your face look more gentle. Having square-shaped face,you should try some hairstyles like multiple layers, long curls and a short sideways fringe.

Diamond-shaped face

If you have diamond-shaped face, your face is rather gentle. What you should do is to emphasize the straight lines. The hairstyles that match your face are medium-length with side parting, a thick fringe with waves and pixie style. To user of Vietnam remy hair, do not worry about this problem because you can choose the best hairstyle from our variety of hair products.

Heart-shaped face

The most outstanding point of the heart-shaped face is a distinctive chin, therefore; you should apply the hairstyles that make your cheeks and eyes more attractive. To have an amazing look, you can try some hairstyles like medium-length flow, medium-length curls and a side ponytail.

Vietnamese Hair Curly Bang

Rectangle-shaped face

If you have rectangle-shaped face, some hairstyles you can try to enhance your look such as long hair with a fringe, medium waves and a fringe and a bob with a fringe.

Above are some recommended hairstyles for each kind of face shape. You can apply these suggestions to enhance your look, to have a beautiful appearance. Moreover, if you have any hair problems and have to apply Vietnam remy hair extensions, you can still have the wonderful hairstyle with the support of hair products from Vietnam remy hair.


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