Best Brand Shampoo for hair extensions 2018


How we would all love to have a healthy, thick and lustrous mane! Not only does it imply good health, but it also lends a youthful look. But for those who are not blessed with the same, the good news is that there are some simple tricks that can instantly add volume and protect your hair. Here are some of them…


Keeping your hair and your hair extensions fresh and healthy can be a real challenge. Dry shampoos aim to help with the problem by removing oils. But there are hundreds of dry shampoos out there. How to opt for a shampoo from a reputable brand?

Babe Dry Spray Shampoo

How to keep your hair and extensions as fresh and healthy as the first day you got them?  Babe Dry Spray Shampoo is best hair care product for use with your hair and your hair extensions. Designed to rejuvenate the hair between washes, Babe Dry Spray Shampoo is specially formulated effortlessly to removes oil without much effort! Simply spray a few pumps directly into the root of your hair and hair extensions…  After letting it sit for about 30 seconds, you can massage the shampoo into the hair with gentle strokes. If you find white residue, continue massaging for a few more seconds. Lastly, brush the hair with a comb, so that you do not have any excess product lying around. And you’ll love the hint of vanilla scent. 

Baby Powder

If dry shampoo is not readily available in your home, you can try applying baby powder. Its fine particles absorb the oil without giving the appearance of a white film on the scalp. Just make sure that you brush your hair thoroughly to avoid any powder residue. And if your stresses look too dusty, take a towel and gently rub like you would do with wet hair.

Dove Shampoo – Rejuvenated Volume

The hair dryer trick

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The next solution is to adopt a simple yet effective technique that can be used while blow-drying. Just blow dry the hair in a downward motion with the hairdryer. To get more volume and life, the head should be tilted downwards. Keep the hair dryer on medium or low heat setting to avoid damaging your precious tresses.

Use products like shampoo that is specially designed to add volume to the hair.

Pouf Hairstyle

There are some hairstyles can make hair look more voluminous. The trick here is to backcomb (especially the crown of the head) in the desired area. For those who aren’t aware, backcombing is a technique where hair is combed in the opposite direction. These can be easily inserted between sections of hair to give an overall effect of fuller hair.

Hope you find these tips helpful. Do try them out and let us know if they worked for you.


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