Beautiful hairstyles for winter

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Winter is coming, if you do not have time to style your hair every morning when you go to work, take a look at the beautiful hairstyles that we suggest below, very simple but no less lovely

Buns have a lot of variations. You can create a bunny hairstyle for going out, going to a party or even going to work as a young, elegant, no less sexy than other hairstyles. Let’s refer to the beautiful bun hair below to choose the most suitable style.

Rolled- up bun hair style


This elegant bun is quite easy to style. You only need to use the brush to reverse the inner layer to create the bulge. Then, you split your hair into two equal loops. And, hold a portion of your hair, gently curl the hair from outside to inside and tail your hair neatly at the back of the neck and use a fixed pin.

With the other half of the hair you can also do the same as above. The ends of the hair are wrapped around the tufts of previously swirled hair. So you have finished the curly hair style which is very elegant.

Updo with a braid wrap

Small curls are the most outstanding features for this style. To create a low bun with curly hair, you take two lock of hair on both sides of the hair, re-tidy and then fix the hair with the elastic band. With the remaining hair, you can tie halfway across the head and halfway through the hair. Then, you set the hair curls around the hair part to make the bending smooth and fixed with pins.

Finally, you squeeze the two open lashes to cover the edge of your hair and hide your tail with a delicate pin. Please refer to and follow this beautiful bun hair style

Low bun With Silky Smooth Finish

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This type of hair bun is pretty much selected by ladies. To create this type of hair, you brush your hair smooth and use a low-ponytail fluffy tweed coat.

You can divide the hair in front of the tie into two equal parts, creating a slot to swing the two ends of the hair through the hair.

Then continue to roll more hair ends through the split hair slot. Hide the hair inside and fix it with a small pin. So you have finished the silky bun hair style to confidently go out.

Chic Braided Updos

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New hair from one side, so that each of the plaid re-get some hair on the top of the head. Continue the long tail of the hair ends and fixed with elastic band.

Squeeze the tail of the hair from the back of the neck to the remaining hair, hide the tail of the hair discreetly and fix it with a pin.

Owning a long hair, you can freely create beautiful bunny styles for the winter. But how about short hair? Can do you that gorgeous style with a short hair? Yes, you can when using hair extensions. Hair extensions can add more length to your hair enabling you do choose various hair styles without worrying much. Apohair is a reliable company proving high quality hair extensions varying length and styles. Don’t hesitate to come and try the best suitable one’s for you.


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