The beautiful attractive hairstyles of Korean stars


According to the development of the film industry, the hair fashion industry in Korea is also growing and occupies a very important position in the youth today.

It can be said that the beautiful hairstyles of the Korean stars gradually occupy the hair market in the world and have made this country a great source of income in film and tourism.


Follow along Apohair to discover the beautiful hairstyles of the Korean stars appealing the young recently

Building character by the costumes, makeup and especially the hairstyles of the actress in the film always makes women fascinated and wants to learn immediately.

The truth is that when watching Korean movies, viewers focus on the movie content partially and looking at the new movie actor is mainly. In a film, shaping a character is a top concern of the producer as well as the public eye.

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All the things including costumes, make-up and hairstyles are carefully researched. Therefore, when released, they immediately create the new trend and become the norm for all styles of youth.

Here are the hairstyles of the Korean women in the film which is occupying the hearts of women in recent times.

Beautiful bob hair of Korean stars

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Recently, bob style hairstyle has become a popular trend for women. Comparing to long hair with the elegance or short hair with unique personality, bob hair style is the mix of the charm and personality which gives a special impression of the appearance of women.

This style is also quite easy to do so girls can choose straight straightening or curling hair to add to the attraction for the face.

Actress Jang Yin Sung with curly bob hairstyles in The Bride of Century.

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The bob hairstyle curls the tail of Jin Se Yun in Doctor Stranger.

Kim So Yeon in Falling for Innocence chose the straight bob hairstyle with the thin bang, which helped the actress to transform her to be much younger than her real age.

In the movie Kill Me Hear Me, actress Hwang Jung Eum is shaped close, friendly with bob hair style curved natural curve.

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Actress Jung Yoo Mi plays Hong Se Ra in Rooftop Prince with her bob hairstyle to be curved and a flat bang


Lee Yu Bi in the movie Pinocchio is cuter and more innocent with one side bob hair; the long bang helps the actress face more gentle and elegant.

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