Amber Heard no makeup – The symbol of perfectness

01 Amber Heard No Makeup

Amber Laura Heard, an American actress and model, was first known for her roles in “Never Back Down”, “Pineapple Express”, and action thriller Drive Angry starring Nicolas Cage. She became more famous for her films The Informers, The Stepfather, Zombieland and The Joneses and recently Aquaman. She continued to star in John Carpenter’s The Ward, and alongside Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary, the film helped her win the Spotlight Award at the Hollywood Film Festival (2011). Amber Heard has repeatedly entered the list of “The most beautiful and sexy actresses” of reputable magazines. That’s a strong statement of her natural beauty. And now, let take a look at the below images of Amber Heard no makeup in her daily life and you will know why her popularity is not a coincidence.

Beautiful girl in black

02 Amber Heard No Makeup

Amber Heard does not need any foundation, eyeliners or lipsticks and fancy dresses to be gorgeous as she already possesses the perfect face and figure. Wearing a plain black T-shirt, sheer-paneled leggings and sneakers, Amber Hear made the normal street of L.A to her catwalk with a sporty outfit. There’s also no hint of makeup on her face, but Amber Heard looks elegant and stylish. Her fair skin seems to shine under the sunlight. Amber’s hair was tied up into a high bun, which shows her beautiful jawline. In this picture, we can see her outstanding facial side angle that can be the model of many girl and women.

Warm girl in the winter

03 Amber Heard No Makeup

This photo of Amber Heard on a winter day has captured the heart of many people. She looked warm in her simple yet classy clothes. Her bare face still looked charming under the coldness, and it was highlighted by the long hair strands falling over her face because of the wind blowing. Anyone can mistake this is a shoot of Amber Heard rather than a random photo of her while she was off work with no special makeup and outfit. Amber is stunning just the way she is.

Walking with her pet

04 Amber Heard No Makeup

This picture is taken when Amber Heard was heading to her patent coffee shop with her dog after her shopping. She again tied her hair into a high bun. Maybe she loves the hairstyle as it’s neat and easy to make. And thanks to that, we can see her perfect facial contours clearly. This is a reason why many cosmetics surgeons choose Amber as the ideal model to apply for facial plastic surgery. Apart from her pretty face, Amber’s flawless skin is also to fall for. Even though she was wearing no layer of makeup, we can’t point out any blemish on her face.

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The brunette girl 

Amber Heard’s natural hair is blonde, but she has tried other hair colors to diverse her concept. She let her brown dyed hair falling freely that brought her an alluring look. It shone brightly together with her pretty tone face under the sunlight. 

05 Amber Heard No Makeup

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Casually going shopping 

Whenever Amber Heard is not on her schedule, she takes off her glamourous makeup and keeps a low profile in casual clothes. It makes her more comfortable and not attract the attention of the people around her. Like other people, the Hollywood star also enjoys her normal life activities. The photo just shows a side of her face, but it’s already enough to speak up her beauty.

06 Amber Heard No Makeup

Amber Heard no makeup can tell us what the perfect beauty is. Even so, you can be a charming girl if you know how to shine with both your look and nature. Just live and work in a positive way and enjoy your life fully. This is how you can define your true beauty. Thank you for reading. 


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