As girls say, hair care should also be a priority regardless of financial crises. Do you agree? For your information, it’s no need to own a huge income to take great care for your hair. It’s time to treat your hair better and take back your fabulous hair look.

Let’s check out these amazing simple treats as follow and start making your excellent hair care products by your own with these unique ingredients as below. Have fun and enjoy your great time reading with us.

  1. Raw Eggs

A raw egg is a great source that is full of protein. This protein is good for your hair. What are you waiting for? Crack an egg and spread on your head. Start rubbing it in to strengthen all of your favorite hair types. However, keep in mind that whatever you do, remember to rinse it out thoroughly. Because if you don’t rinse it well, the egg may start to cook in the sun and thatwill make your hair look gross.

Eggs are known for its particularly good benefits. It’s great for damaged and fine hair. If you can, whack some on your face too. Raw eggs are also great for your skin, especially your face skin.

Raw Eggs

  1. Beer

Beer has been apparently favorite drinks for people and also a great hair care product. If you about to wash your hair and just forget that you are running out of conditioner, here we have beer. Beer is one of the excellent ways for restoring your hair’s health and addingshine to the locks. You can also try spraying a little beer on hair after you wash. No need to worry about the smell, it will disappear as soon as it dries.

Keep in mind that beer may make your beloved hair a little bit sticky. Therefore, you should do a test-run before choosing this way and going on a big date or something.


  1. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is full of egg, fat and oil and that is an ideal conditioner for your hair. However, think twice and carefully before dolloping a little of that on your hair and your salad too. Why that? Because the fullness of fat and oil, you’ll have to shampoo your hair so many times in order to remove the entire mayo residue. This may cause your dryer but for some others, the hair may get more shining look.


Even though mayo is a great nourish source, but it’s recommended to use conditioner instead because hair conditioner is designed to be rinsed out easier.

  1. Dishwashing Liquid

Right, Dishwashing liquid! Amazing oddly enough? Yeah, for sure, I mean dishwashing liquid can also be a good remedy for your beloved hair. If you think your hair color is a little bit too dark. Try saturating the hair evenly with a small amount of dishwashing liquid. This will wash out a little bit of your hair color and can lighten it.

Dishwashing Liquid

All you need is to be careful because the dishwashing liquid is quite harsh for your hair. This could dry your hair out if you use too much. Keep in mind that just needs a small amount of it.

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