All the things you need to know before making a frontal sew in

01 Frontal Sew In

Lace frontal sew in is one of the most popular sew-in weaves for hair extension users. And to enjoy the best look with it, it’s better to grasp the basic info about frontal sew in before you make a full installation on your head. Let check the points below.

What is frontal sew in?

Frontal sew-in is a method of applying lace frontal on your head. It requires you to have a lace frontal with the measurement of your choice (the most common one is lace frontal 13×4) and several human hair bundles. Lace frontal sew-in is a protective hairstyle that creates a chance for your real hair to have a vacation from chemical and heat styling. A sew-in often lasts for one to two months; hence, your bio hair will have time to grow and recover from damage. And because it’s a long-term hairstyle, you can save some money for hairstyling.

02 Frontal Sew In

How much does lace frontal sew in cost?

Compared to other types of hair extensions, lace frontal has a high price in the market due to the processing technique it requires to attach each hair strand to the lace base. Normally, a lace frontal costs from $60-$200, depending on the length, color, texture, size of the lace base, and the material of the lace. And a weft hair bundle often charges at $30-$90. And that does not include the cost for making the sew-in at a hair salon. Generally speaking, an installation service at a hair salon takes you from $100 to $600. Yet, if you master the sew-in technique well, you can make your own weave at home rather than going to a hair salon, thereby reducing the overall cost.

How many bundles do you need for a sew-in with lace frontal?

Shorter sew-ins have more volume and mass than the longer ones. Therefore, if you make a short weave with the length ranging from 10 inches to 14 inches, 2 hair bundles are enough. But with any length more than 14 inches, you will need to buy 3 to 4 hair bundles. A smaller number will make you weave hair look thin and unnatural.

03 Frontal Sew In

What matters most for creating a lace frontal sew in?

Just like lace closure sew-in, to make a DIY sew-in with a lace frontal, you need to know how to make cornrow braid and the basic sewing technique with a U-curved needle. But the most important thing is making sure both the cornrows and the lace frontal lay down flat to bring the most natural look. If you don’t remember the making process well, let search for a detailed tutorial on how to make a frontal sew in on the internet. Read or watch it carefully before you start. It’s great to ask other users to get some help. 

How long does it take to install a lace frontal sew in?

It depends on the length and texture you want to achieve, but it usually takes only one or two hours for a full installation. That’s a pretty small number when comparing to other types of hair extensions. 

How to maintain a lace frontal sew in?

Lace frontal moving out of place after several weeks is the most common concern among users. This matter will surely happen regardless of how well you treat your sew-in weave. Since your natural hair underneath still grows, it will pull back the lace frontal gradually. In this case, you can visit a hair salon and make a re-installation for your lace frontal.

04 Frontal Sew In

Another thing you need to notice when using a sew-in with a lace frontal is the material of the lace base. HD lace film is transparent and resembles your own scalp perfectly, but it’s thin and can tear easily if not used carefully.  

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A sew-in can last up to 6 to 8 weeks if you take proper care of it. If you intend to keep it longer, you are at risk of damaging your own hair and scalp because of skin irritation and oil buildup. That is to say, you need to follow the appointment strictly to protect your hair and skin.

Now that you know more about frontal sew in, it’s time to make one and rock the look. Thank you for reading.


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