Turban Towels
Turban Towels

Many girls with short hair are disappointed because of the fact that it is hard to have their short hair styled. Do not worry. Although you cannot tie it or braid it, you can decorate it with different types of accessories. We believe that these accessories can help you to attract the attention of other people.

Turban towels

Turban Towels

Turban towel is always one of the trendiest hair accessories. A turban towel will give you a classic beauty. Its colorful color and eye-catching patterns will make you look so outstanding.

There are 2 popular ways to make use of the turban towel so that it can go in line with your short hair. The first way is wrapping it around your head and the other way is using it as a kind of scarf.



Depending on the clothes that you are wearing, you should choose for yourself one of the following headbands: metal headbands, plastic headbands, fabric headbands, etc. You will look much more feminine.



Another suggestion to decorate your short hair is to use a ribbon. You can use the ribbon to create a half-up half-down hairstyle.


In addition to having the functions of securing some particular strands of your hair, cute hairclips in different materials as well as shapes (such as heart-shaped hairclips, moon-shaped hairclips, round-shaped hairclips, leaf-shaped hairclips, flower-shaped hairclips, star-shaped hairclips and bow-shaped ones) will be absolutely helpful in decorating your short hair.


In fact, there are various types of hat which can go with short hair. Each type has its own meaning.

For example, a snapback is suitable for an active and dynamic girl.

Dynamic Girl

A fedora is a great choice for a girl who pursuing romanticism.

On the contrary, girls who love vintage style should wear berets or Gatsby caps.


For girls who are fashion enthusiasts, earrings are an indispensable accessory. They are very diverse in sizes, styles, materials and designs. Girls with short hair can promote the advantages of their face by choosing for them the suitable earrings.

Here are some points for you to consider before choosing your earrings:

– Round earrings are quite popular because of the fact that it is fashionable and it suits different face shapes. Especially, girls who have small face are recommended to choose big round earrings for the purpose of creating a balance for their look.

– Round-faced girls should wear long earrings to make their face look slimmer.


Girls with short hair often have their necks exposed. For this reason, wearing a necklace may be a good suggestion for them to get an attractive look.


If you want to look lovely and energetic, you should buy round glasses with a metal frame.

On the other hand, sunglasses not only help to protect your eyes from sunlight but they also bring a cool look to you.

Especially, glasses can be put on your head to get a cooler look.

Hope that our suggestions are helpful in beautifying your look.



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