9 simple steps to have homemade dying hair

9 Simple Steps To Have Homemade02
9 Simple Steps To Have Homemade02

The desire to have hair dyed is getting more and more among people since the desire for beauty increases. There are some choices to get your hair dyed such as going to a hair salon, having hair experts to help you or DIY dyeing hair. This post is going to give you clear homemade hair dying tutorial.

9 Simple Steps To Have Homemade

First of all, buy two boxes of the color that you want to dye your hair. You have to buy two because one might not be enough and you don’t want it to be disaster. If your hair is very long then you’d better get more than that.

Test the color on your hair. This is to see whether the color might look good on your hair or not. You should choose the part of hair that can be hidden in case it is bad. The testing part should be ¼ or a little bit longer if you want.

Clean your hair and use towels or something to cover your necks or wherever you don’t want to color. If your skin is dyed, it might take some days to get the color off.

Brush your hair, detangle and make sure there is no knot in your hair. It would be so much easier when your hair is smooth.

9 Simple Steps To Have Homemade02

Divide your hair into small sections, mostly four. Dye the front section first because this is the most visible one. The other part is also important but it is less visible than that.

Mix the bottle and the color together, and then apply onto your hair. Make sure you dye equally. It would be the best if you have the color brush to dye.

Start dying from the top of your head. Dye at the roots first and then comb through your whole hair to dye it equally.

If you want to have some highlights, use a toothbrush to do that. Normally people will highlight their hair somewhere near their ears or in the back head, or some lines in the bangs.

Wash your vietnam virgin hair with water only. Shampoos will make the color faded away. Or you can use shampoos which are sulfate-free.

These are steps that you need to get your hair dyed. Wish you have your favorite hair color soon.


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