8 ways making your hair extensionmore beautiful than ever

Foldof The Hair
Foldof The Hair

With styling products or familiar tools such as combs, dryers, straightening machines … you will be attractive with your Vietnam hair extensions.

Foldof The Hair
Foldof The Hair
  1. Drain and moisturize your hair: It’seasy for you to make different styles when your hair is moist. After shampooing, you can dry your hair by using a cotton towel to wrap your hair or using blow-dryer
  2. Apply Mousse: Drop a small amount of mousse on your hand and rub from top to bottom of your hair. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of mousse because the mousse from the famous brands is very light and don’t get your Vietnam hair extension stained.
  3. Divide the hair and make it puffy: Take the hair from the tail of the eyebrow (left or right) to the top of the head, lift the hair up and use hairspray. Use a brush comb to lift the hair up and dry under to maintain the bulge. Do the same for the opposite hair. Make sure you choose the hottest way to create your Vietnam hair extension.
  4. Clamp the dried hair: Use hairpin to hold 2 parts which have already been dried. Dry the remaining hair for about 80%. Head down and pull your hair forward and gently shake your head back and forth for your hair to move. The more the hair moves, the more natural it will be. Don’t worry if your hair is tangled or not.
  5. Continue drying and combing the rest of the hair: Hold two parts of the hair that has been dried to be the center and divide the remaining hair into small parts and dry the parts. Place a round brush or brush at the base of the hair root, the otherkeeps the blow- dryer near the hair then slowly pulls it toward the tops in the downward direction
  6. Be notice that: Pay special attention to the tip of the hair, comb and use blow- dryer to the end of the hair. You will see the difference of the hair
  7. Cool to keep the folds: If your hair is thin, leave your hair naturally stained in normal air, otherwise the hair will be very easy to squeeze and lose the bulge.
  8. Create natural curls: roll your hair into a bun at the top of your head. After 10 to 15 minutes of removing the bun, you’ll have beautiful natural ripples. Lightly add styling cream on the hair to keep the folds, especially the stubby hair. Enter your fingers and pull the curls to increase the foldof the hair.

Beautiful Vietnam hair style with natural look

Advices from experts:

– You should use a professional hair dryer with a small end cap to easily heat the hair roots of your hair made from Vietnam hair extension .

– For shiny and velvety hair after styling, especially with dry hair, you should use the hair conditioner for 5 to 10 minutes after shampooing to supply water and nutrients to the hair. The next morning, you can use light shampoo on the roots to regain the blister, then lightly dried to complete the hair.



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