8 inch natural hair: Key to a brand new look

8 Inch Hair
8 Inch Hair

Applying hair extensions is becoming one of the leading trends among a large number of women. However, in the current market, it’s quite hard to find really good-quality hair extensions which promise to give us the most natural look. What are the reasons for this? In fact, not all types of hair now are made of human hair. In this article, let’s get to know more about 8 inch natural hair and see how great it is in making us more confident with our look.

01 8 Inch Hair

8 inch natural hair extension – What is it?

8 inch natural hair extension describes a kind of hair extensions which is made of natural human hair. This is one of the shortest hair extensions (just longer than 6 inch hair) available in most hair enterprises these days. With its great benefits for users, 8 inch natural hair is now the best partner of many girls who love experiencing a new short hairstyles or adding volume to their natural locks.

8 inch natural hair vs 8 inch synthetic hair extensions

The word “natural” is put here so that we will not confuse natural hair with synthetic hair. There will be sometimes you need to determine which type of hair is more suitable with your natural locks. That’s why it’s important for buyers to know the difference between real human hair and synthetic hair.

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Human hair extensions

If you look at these two types, you will realize a very clear difference between them. The key difference between human hair and synthetic hair is that human hair looks and feels exactly like your natural hair. Basically, human hair is collected from donors in a ponytail. At that time, we call it Remy human hair extensions. Women loves installing human remy hair as in this hair type, all the hair cuticles remain and face the same direction. This ensures that there will be less or even no prone to tangling. The hair can be heat styled, dyed just like your natural hair. If you know to take care of it carefully, the hair can last about a year or over. This hair’s longevity is really ideal, right?

Synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are synthetic fibers which are designed to imitate real human hair. In general, synthetic hair is much cheaper than real hair extension. It’s great if you choose synthetic hair extensions when you are on a budget and want a quick installation. However, it is the price that partly reflects the quality as well as the longevity of the hair. Despite the fact that synthetic hair is improving all the time, it is not easy to work as human hair. Almost all types of synthetic hair can melt at high temperatures by the effect of some heat styling tools. This melting can lead to damages of your natural hair. Besides, synthetic hair can’t perfectly blend with your natural locks like human hair extensions.

What are the types of 8 inch natural hair?

If you are wondering where to buy high-quality human hair extensions, we can recommend to you APO Hair, one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of exporting hair to the international market. Why choose APO’s products?

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8 inch hair extensions of APO’s hair is made of 100% natural hair

Absolutely. Not with the exception of 8 inch hair, all items in APO’s collection are from Vietnamese remy hair which contains no chemical. You can trust in us as we have had partnership with customers in more than 100 countries around the world.

8 inch hair is designed in various types

There are many types which express different ways to install hair extensions to the natural hair. You can choose among 8 inch weave hair, bulk hair, clip in hair, tape hair, keratin hair, lace closure, lace frontal or wigs. In addition, 8 inch hair includes many textures, colors for you. You can get 8 inch curly weave, 8 inch straight sew-in hairstyles. All you need to do is just to pick up your favorite items.

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We deeply hope that you can find the best hairstyle for your new performance. Click HERE if you want to find more information about APOhair’s products and order some hair extensions for a new brand look.



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