In summer, the demand for short hair is increasing because the hot weather. Due to the high temperature, people sweat a lot, which makes them tired of long hair. Getting a short hairstyle does not only help you escape from the heat but also change your look. Many people are actually more beautiful with short hair than long one.

However, if you are worrying that your hair is too thin, which is not suitable for short style, do not worry because there is a solution for you. It is applying virgin hair extensions. This will help you have thicker hair you like. There are so many virgin hair extensions brands on the market that you do not which is good for you. Just relax! Apohair is an ideal choice because we make sure to supply the high-quality hair productions. In Apohair, virgin hair extensions are made from 100% natural hair.

Short hair expresses your characteristic, let try gorgeous short hairstyle we introduce bellow.

Slicked-down pixie


For a short hairstyle, you can try slicked-down pixie. This style makes you look young and active. Moreover, it also can be formal if you are in a party. To keep your short hair place, you can use some gel.

Half bun

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Short hair makes you look younger and half bun style even does more. This is very simple style because you just need a few minutes to tie a small section of hair on the top. After a few minutes, you will have amazing hair. In addition, if your hair is thin, apply 20 inches hair extensions for more glamorous look.

Behind the ear

1 3

This style is suitable for one who has overgrown pixie cut. To make this, you just need three simple steps: straighten your hair, divide it into sides and tuck it behind your ears.

Center braided

1 4

You can try this hairstyle if your hair is not too short. This is similar to behind the ear style because it is also for women having overgrown pixie cut. To make this style, you twist a braid at the center of your head. The style with braid makes you look so sweet.

Straight and smooth

1 5

Long hair shows its shininess, short hair also can do it. Straight and smooth style is a very basic one you can try. Thing you have to do is getting it straight and smooth.

Flat and forward

1 6

You will look cool and active with this short style. The simplicity sometimes brings out the amazing effect. Just straighten your hair and push it forward, you will have a cool look.

Dutch braid

1 7

Braid is always a magical style because it is suitable for almost setting. With short hair, you also have beautiful appearance with Dutch braid style. You can worry when it look complicated; however, you can master it after some practice.

Center parted and wavy

1 8

A bob with wavy hair gives you bouncy and sexy look. You can be more beautiful with hair that is full of volume when applying hair extensions.

Above are 8 short hairstyles you can try to get gorgeous look. Short hair is so amazing, why don’t you try it?


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