7 Types Of Fruit For A Healthy Hair 1
7 Types Of Fruit For A Healthy Hair 1

Studies have proven that eating a lot of fruits can help your body stay healthy and help the liver to filter toxins in your body, avoiding feeling heavy when you eat too much indigestible food or many other substances. They are also rich in antioxidants, which can promote and stop the aging process. Besides good effects for your health, fruit is also a great medicine for your hair.

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7 Types Of Fruit For A Healthy Hair


Orange is one of the fruits that contains aromatic oils and a lot of vitamin C, which is very cool and nutritious for the body. You can use fresh orange juice or orange extract to apply on your hair to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.


Just like oranges, grapefruit is also a citrus fruit with high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that promotes blood circulation, thereby reducing hair loss naturally.

For symptoms of dry, fallen and brittle hair, you can put a peel of grapefruit into warm water overnight, then use it to wash your hair (without shampoo). Grapefruit is not only rich in fiber, protein and fat but also has a sweet fragrance that will nourish the hair effectively and help the hair recover quickly.

Lemon fruit

Lemon has many benefits for human health and hair. You can use lemon to treat hair loss, dandruff, dry scalp and itching efectively.

7 Types Of Fruit For A Healthy Hair 1

According to folk experience, lemon is used to shampoo for a smooth hair but in fact, lemon also helps remove dandruff for a short time of using. Scrub or massage lemon juice on your hair to make hair grow faster and create a layer of natural oils to help your hair beautiful and shiny.


Applying the crushed banana mixture on your hair and scalp to make your hair strong and shiny. Regularly washing the hair with banana will help your hair healthy, smooth and straight forward.


If you want to have beautiful hair, you should also eat more papaya to help stimulate hair growth, and help to control the development of dandruff in the hair.

In addition, papaya contains a lot of vitamins good for the health then it is indispensable food in your diet. Eating papaya at a moderate level can help eliminate toxins from the body. Especially, for people who have constipation and indigestion, papaya can help them get rid of these discomforts efectively.

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