5 ideas for exclusive short haircut

5 Ideas For Exclusive Short Haircut024
5 Ideas For Exclusive Short Haircut024

If you are getting a short haircut but you want to make it more interesting, let’s read our post carefully.

Cotton candy pixie hairstyle

5 Ideas For Exclusive Short Haircut
5 Ideas For Exclusive Short Haircut

Cotton candy hair may also be called as candy floss hair. Basically, it can be a single color like pink, blue, yellow, purple and green or the connection of at least 2 colors which have been mentioned. Cotton candy hair look is a perfect choice for summer days. Because it is colorful, it shows the dynamics of summer.

A cotton candy-colored pixie haircut is really suitable for cool girls.


Short spiky hairstyle

5 Ideas For Exclusive Short Haircut01

When it comes to a short spiky haircut, it refers to an edgy hairstyle often with layers. This hairstyle represents hip-hop culture and it is a good choice for anyone who wants to get a rocking look. There are both short spiky hairstyle for male and short spiky hairstyle for female.

To get a perfect spiky hairstyle, you need the help of some hair gel or hairspray so that the sharp spikes can be kept in good shapes. Wearing a short spiky hairstyle means that you are giving your height a boost.

It is stated that the short spiky hairstyle is capable of making your hair look slimmer. A lot of celebrities have tried this crazy hairstyle such as Pink, Sharon Stone, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Miley Cyrus and more.


Short spiral perm bob hairstyle

5 Ideas For Exclusive Short Haircut022

By using a curling iron, you can get a short spiral perm bob hairstyle. The size of spiral curls is flexible and it is up to you. Because of the short spiral perm bob hairstyle, your natural hair will be some inches shorter. As a result, only if your hair is at least 6 inches long can you have your hair styled into spiral perm bob hairstyle.

However, a short messy bob with long spiral curls on the top of the head also helps you to look taller just like what short spiky hairstyle does.


Undercut hairstyle with hair tattoos

5 Ideas For Exclusive Short Haircut023

An undercut hairstyle with a back hair tattoo is a new hair trend. It brings a rebellious appearance to you.

The tattoos are quite various. In addition to the tattoos of common objects around us, a lot of people even opt for a nape hair tattoo of their date of birth, their phone number, their own name or the name of their lover. No matter what the size of the tattoo is, you can choose to show your tattoo off or hide it away.

Ultimate mermaid ombre lob hairstyle

5 Ideas For Exclusive Short Haircut024

The color palette of the ultimate marine life includes green, blue and turquoise. For this reason, the 3 colors above are also the main colors of an ultimate mermaid ombre lob hairstyle. As the name refers, this hairstyle can make other think of a fabulous mermaid when looking at you.

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