5 Best Products for Curly Hair summer 2018

5 Best Products Curly Hair Summer 2018
5 Best Products Curly Hair Summer 2018

How to care curly hair this summer? You want that perfect balance of the tresses looking voluminous and bouncy without it appearing unruly. To help you along on your effort for a glorious crown, we have listed some effective products that are specially formulated for curly hair. We have applied these products in the hair Deep Curly Vietnam hair, Curly Vietnam hair and Deep Wavy Vietnam hair … The effect that these products bring really great.

OGX Coconut Curls Curling Hair Butter

5 Best Products Curly Hair Summer 2018

By now we all know the benefits of coconut oil for the tresses. This hair butter is a creamy blend of coconut oil which deeply conditions and gets rid of that unwanted frizz. The result is smooth and shiny hair. The good part is that the product is lightweight and can be spread across the hair evenly. And it is paraben free too!

Depending on your mood, keep it on as a deep nourishing treatment or massage and wash off after a few minutes like a conditioner.

Enliven Pro-Vitamin Ultimate – Hold Hair Spray – vietnam human hair

5 Best Products Curly Hair Summer 2018 1

A hairspray suitable for all types of hair,  especially curly hair! This spray is known for replacing the lost amino acids that are naturally found in our tresses. There is scientific evidence that amino acid is directly linked with hair growth. Enliven Ultra Hold Hairspray contains Amino Pro-Vitamin B5 which is believed to help strengthen and maintain healthy hair.

Enliven Hair Gel – Olive Oil

5 Best Products Curly Hair Summer 2018 2

A quality gel is an important product when it comes to styling special hair for vietnam human hair. This especially holds true for those with curly hair type as it provides a good hold and prevents tangling and fizziness. Enliven Hair Gel with the goodness of olive oil is a great choice to bring shine to your curly hair.

Here is a tip, you can combine hair gel with a leave-in conditioner. By doing so, the tresses get heavily moisturised and offer that perfect bounce.

Bblunt High Definition Curl

5 Best Products Curly Hair Summer 2018 3

Specially formulated for Indian hair, Bblunt High Definition Curl Cream is an apt choice. It helps define the curls, enhance it as well as make it wavy and shiny. Moreover, the cream is effective in managing frizz and taming the unruliness. The product even protects the tresses from pollution and over styling suitable for vietnam human hair.

Kerastase Bain Oleo Curl Shampoo

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Curly hair tends to be dry and gets tangled easily. Kerastase, as a brand has products targeting different hair problems. Keratase Bain Oleo Curl Shampoo is formulated with palm oil which helps in softening the curls and makes detangling easy. With regular use of this product, frizz eases out and curls gain a beautiful shine.

I have Vietnam hair, it is curly hair. I am using Kerastase Bain Oleo Curl Shampoo. And I am really very satisfied with the efficiency achieved after a period of use.

Vietnam virgin hair have curly hair? What tricks are you applying to make your curly hair manageable?


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