5 action tips on how to take care of your lace frontal wig

01 Frontal Wig

Lace frontal wig stands among the most popular types of wigs with the delicate lase base to which the hair is tied. It’s easy to install, remove, and secure users with a natural look while offering the opportunities to create many different hairstyles. But, how to take care of this stunning wig so that it can be used for a longer time? Let check the following action tips.

Wash your frontal wig properly

Depending on your frequency of use, you should wash your lace front wig to get rid of the dust, dirt, and product buildup on the lace base and the hair strands. If you know how to wash a wig, then a sulfate-free shampoo or specialized shampoo for wig should be on your list. Some users prefer using mild shampoos for color-treated hair, but in general, the shampoo you use should be gentle enough so as not to damage the hair strands. Remember to detangle your lace frontal wig before you start washing and add some conditioner to your wig after shampooing for a silky and luscious look.

02 Wash Frontal Wig

Also, if you have a curly or body wavy lace front wig, before it completely dries, let use your fingers to re-style the pattern to the original look with some gel or curly cream.

It’s for looking, not for touching

This principle will help you own a frontal wig for a long time. It means that you should not apply scratching, intense scrubbing, nor harsh combing to your wig. Treat it as gently as possible whether you wash or style the frontal wigs. It’s best to use a wide-tooth comb or your own fingers to brush your wig so that the hair won’t be break or shed.

Do instant upkeep

When your lace frontal wigs begin to lift, it will need a new layer of glue. But, before you re-glue the wig, you need to remove all the glue residue using alcohol in order to prevent excess shedding and product buildup.

03 Frontal Wig

Heatless styling

Even when your lace front wig made from human hair lace frontal and bundles with good quality, we don’t suggest you use heat styling on it. That includes the use of blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron. The more time your wig has to expose to the heat, the easier it will be damaged. If you really need to do, remember to spray some heat protectant over your wig.

Storing is important

It will be better if you can take off your wig every day before you go to sleep, and then re-install it in the next morning. If you can’t do this, you should take it off at least every 4-6 weeks to give your lace front wig a complete cleaning and caring.

If you wear your wig at night, remember to tie a silk or satin scarf around your hairline. In this way, you can prevent friction on your wig, the major cause of shedding and tangling.

04 Frontal Wig

After you uninstall the wig, make sure you store it in a wig stand or mannequin head to avoid breakage and tangles. Besides, the place where you store your wig should be dry and cool.

To own and use a lace frontal wig is not difficult, but how to make it always in a good state and lengthen its lifespan is a more complicated task. Hence, we hope that you will make use of the above-mentioned tips to take good care of your wig, and you can shine your beauty with the marvelous item.

If you have more useful ways for the maintenance process, let share your experience here. Thank you for reading.


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