Short Hair Wig – Some Secret Tips You Should Follow To Get The Perfect Look

01 Short Hair Wig

When you research about hair extensions, you will see thousands of results about wigs. Wigs are the great way to transform your styles without changing or damaging your natural hair. You can have chances to try many hairstyles before fully committing to it.

Now, there are a wide range of hair lengths when it comes to wigs, and a short human hair wig will completely change your style and vibe… and so many more! Short hair wig are gorgergous hairstyles for any ages, but like any wigs, do you know how to install in perfectly? Follow APOHAIR instruction, you will get the amazing look with the trendy wig hairstyles.

Methods to prepare the hair before installing a short wig


02 Short Hair Wig

Hair need to be protected when you install a wig, and short wig is not a exception. Having a braiding hair is one of the popular way to wear your hair under the wig. This method help to protected the natural hair and make it easier for women to maintain. Although that is believed as an ideal way for installing the wig, it is not at flat as other styles.

Besides, it allows to access to the scalp easily if you want to moiture and clean the natural hair when you uninstall the wig. Try to place the hair in small place to minimize lupms or bump under the wig so that you will get the most natural look when weaing the wig.


03 Short Hair Wig

 This also one of the common style to wear your hair under the wig, and it help you to have a flatter surface of hair when you install the wig than braiding method. But the disadvantages of this method is that it does leave limited access when you want to access the scalp to clean and care. Vice versa, the natural hair can be protected effectly and less likely to be bulky or pumpy under the wig. To make this styles, you just simply divide your hair into some small row, from front to back, respectively. Then, braid the hair down to the length of your head.

Twists or flat twist

04 Short Hair Wig

Maybe you do not familiar with this method, or sometimes you feel straige when hearing about this, but this is the easiest style to wear a wig. the twist or flat twist not only create simply, but also be will frizz and tangle quicker than braiding or cornrows. Don’t forget to make them as small as posible so that they can not leave lumps under the wig.

Think to remember when wearing the short wig

Moisturize and get your scalp to get the air

05 Short Hair Wig

Even you wear a short or long wig, it does not mean that your hair is completely protectected and you don’t need to care about them anymore. It’s must be a problems if you wear your wig too long without forgeting to take care your natural hair under the wig. Always remember that moiturizing is the priority, especially before going to bed if your hair feeel dry. And: never sleep with a wig.

Clean and take care your natural hair and scalp regularly

06 Short Hair Wig

Everything need to be clean and take care to get the healthy state, as a results, your hair and scalp need to be cleaned to remove sebum and even the dirt regularly. Removing the twists, braids or cornrows to wash gently, deep conditioner, moisturize, let them dry and then redo a fresh set the hair. This ensures your natural hair will not be brittle and break, keep your looks with the short wig always be gorgegous.

Have you ever learn how to prepare your natural hair before installing the favorite short human hair wig? and remember some tips to care for your hair while wearing a wig? Share your favorite tips and tricks with us in the comments below!

Shhh, Let’s think about…

07 Short Hair Wig

 Short hair can give you the amazing lightweight style that you want to try and look for a long time. Try short hair without the commitment with wigs… is it a bad or good idea? who knows, let’s try short hairstyle one time, maybe you never think to go back to long hair again!



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