Using Hairpins
Using Hairpins

December is the time when many parties take place as there are many important events such as Christmas and New Year. If you have not known how to get a chic bun to join these parties, do not worry because we are going to show you 3 different ways.

Formula 1:

– Step 1: Use a hair curling machine to add volume and thickness to the hair and to make it easier to keep your hair in a good shape during the process of pulling it up into a bun.

– Step 2: Tie your hair up into a ponytail which is near the top of your head. The ponytail should not be too tight. Instead, a loose and messy ponytail will give you a more eye-catching bun later.

– Step 3: Mess up the ends of your ponytail.

– Step 4: Divide the ponytail into 2 equal parts. Braid these 2 equal parts to get 2 braids.

Get 2 Braids

– Step 5: Wrap the 2 braids which you have had around the base of the ponytail and you will get a braided bun. Use some bobby pins or something like that to secure the ends of the 2 braids.

If you are interested in Bohemian hairstyle, you can leave 2 strands of hair to let them frame your face and to create a flyaway look.

Formula 2:

– Step 1: Use shaping hairspray to make sure that there will be no messy hairpiece.

– Step 2: Take 2 strands of hair at both sides of your hair. Braid them from the top of your head following the hairline.

– Step 3: Until you braid to the hair near the nape of your head, merge the 2 mini braids that you have got into 1 ponytail and use an elastic hair tie to secure it.

Secure It

– Step 4: Circle this ponytail around its base to make a bun. After that, you will need at least 2 bobby pins to secure the bun. The pins are more recommended in comparison with hair ties because they are more formal.

They Are More Formal

Especially, you can use flowers, ribbons, bows or pearls to decorate your bun.

Formula 3:

– Step 1: Have your hair divided into 3 parts. Remember to comb your hair before the division to remove tangles. You had better use your fingers to comb the hair to give it a messy look.

– Step 2: Tie the middle section with a hair tie. Then, wrap it into a bun.

– Step 3: Take the right section and divided it into 2 smaller sections. Twist these 2 sections and wrap them around the bun one by one. It is very important to pin the ends of each small section using hairpins.

– Step 4: Repeat the process which has been described in step 3 with the left section. And you have finished your chic bun.

Using Hairpins

Hope that you guys will like this writing. If you find it interesting, do not forget to leave your comments below.


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