26 Inches Clip In Hair Extensions – A Quick & Convenient Solution

01 26 Inches Clip In Hair Extensions

There are many types of hair products that you can look for in Apohair. We are really happy to have become a very reliable companion of many customers in lots of countries around the world. And 26 inches clip in hair extensions is the hairstyle that we want to introduce you today.

What is Clip- Ins/ 26 Inches Clip In Hair Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are a quick, easy, and temporary do it yourself method to achieve longer and fuller hair, without long-term bonding, pain, or damaging to your hair. 26 inches clip in hair extensions is easily attached and can be perfectly matched and blended with your current hairstyle to create length, emphasize volume, or even to add highlights to your natural hair.

All clip in hair extensions have one or multiple pieces, which are called wefts that will vary in width. 26 inch clip in hair extensions can be clipped in and out of your hair just in a few minutes and are practically invisible. In general, clip-ins are by far the fastest and most affordable way to transform the look of your hair without spending much money or damaging your natural hair.

There is one thing you should pay attention when using this clip in hair extensions. Try to make the clip in tight enough so that it will not be easy to fall out of your head. However, do not try to make it too tight, clips can sometimes cause small damages to your scalp.

How long is 26 inches clip in hair extensions?

26 inches clip in hair extensions have their very long size – 26 inches in length which are approximately 65 centimeters. With this impressive length, hair extensions can reach over hip of a girl with the standard body. This size is a great option for girls or ladies who love long hairstyle. In addition, keep in mind that this result is recognized when hair is maximally straighten. It can be a bit shorter if your hair extensions are styled in wave or curly texture.

02 26 Inches Clip In Hair Extensions

26 inches is not the only choice for the hair length of clip in hair extensions. Hair length varies from 6 inches to 32 inches, giving you a variety of selection.

26 Inches Clip In Hair Extensions From Apohair


Made of 100% Vietnamese human hair, clip in hair extensions is gradually attracting lots of customers. We collect, wash and classify all the Vietnamese women hair with a view to making it clear enough to be produced into different types of hairstyle. We always try to maintain the natural state in each hair product. Therefore, hair extensions will look exactly like your real hair.

03 26 Inches Clip In Hair Extensions

26 inches clip in hair extensions

Also, we completely say “NO” with chemical or synthetic hair in our production. This is meaningful because it helps customers believe more in the quality of each hair product we supply. You do not need to worry that your hair may be damaged in the applying process of clip in hair extensions.

Other Types Of 26 Inch Hair Extensions beside Clip-Ins

04 26 Inches Clip In Hair Extensions

Besides, we have many other hairstyles that you can get for a new change of hair. It can be tape hair, bulk hair, weft hair and tip hair extensions. Also, lace closure, lace frontal and lace wigs hairstyles are always available in Apohair. To get further information about all these types and plus, some ideal hairstyles for 26 inch hair, check our most detailed post about 26 inch hair extensions here. Hope you enjoy it!!


There are many hair textures that you can find in Apohair. Each has its own advantages and gives you a very different and outstanding appearance.

Clip in straight hair extensions: kinky straight, yaki straight.

05 26 Inches Clip In Hair Extensions

Straight hair texture is the most basic and easiest to care for. 26 inches clip in straight hair extensions is so easy to style to give a sleek look. Plus, this hair texture works well with anyone, you just need to find the right length and style for you! These extensions are easiest to add extra length.

Clip in wavy hair extensions: deep wavy, body wavy, loose wavy,…

06 26 Inches Clip In Hair Extensions

Body wave: is a loose, natural curl. It looks not completely straight, but not too curly and provides body, volume, and dimension to your hair. The wave tends to flow in a single flow, creating a full-bodied, smooth, wavy look.

Loose waves: are a type of hair textures that has very loose, almost wave-like curls. The clearest difference between this hair texture and the body wave is that the loose waves don’t flow in a single piece like the body wave tends to.

Deep wave hair extension is a hair texture that has smooth, beautiful, tight waves. With plenty of body and tight “almost-curls,” the deep waves offers an even and attractive feel, just with the tighter curls than in the loose wave or in the body wave. These may be the tightest wavy hair extensions you can get without a full curl texture.

Clip in curly hair extensions: deep curly, kinky curly, romantic curly, loose curly,…

07 26 Inches Clip In Hair Extensions

Deep curls texture is tighter than a deep wave with a gorgeous, natural look. The deep curls hair extension texture brings a lot of body, dimension, and texture to your look.

Kinky curly hair is popular among clients with naturally kinky curly hair and for clients who have always dreamed of having this beautiful texture! With tight torsion twists, this hair texture has a tight curl characterized with a zig-zag pattern. This hairstyle has body, texture, volume, and produces a handsome, natural, healthy look.


05 8in Weave Hair Extensions

In terms of hair colors, we also try to design many hair colors, and there is a wide array of different colors for you to choose – any color, from traditional colors to modern ones, warm tone to ash tone. They are black, dark brown, light brown, blonde, red and even ombre color.

Apohair really hopes that you, my beloved customers can find yourself the best hairstyle, which gives you a very new appearance. Please contact us directly and we will provide you more information for any or our hair products.

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