18 inch weave for prom hairstyle ideas

01 18 Inch Weave For Prom Hairstyle Ideas

Prom is not only a party to have fun, it is also a place to show your beautiful 18 inch weave hairstyles. If you are wondering which hairdo is suitable for you in this year, don’t go anywhere and keep reading this article to find out your answer.

18 inch weave

Normally, we don’t care much about numbers. As the same concept, it’s hardly to tell how long your hair is exactly. It is obviously from the photo below, just 2 inch makes big difference.

How long is 18 inch? 18 inch is equal to 45 cm which is a half of 1 meter. It sounds so long! However, when you apply it to hair length, you can see it is not too much for you at all. With mid-back length, 18 inch weave is a perfect choice to do hundreds of hairstyles for prom.

02 18 Inch Weave For Prom Hairstyle Ideas

Prom hairstyles with 18 inch weave

Prom a formal dance held by a high school at the end of the academic year, typically for students in their junior or senior year. I’m pretty sure that you want to be as much beautiful as possible in this event. Apparently, hairstyles play a big role in building your gorgeous appearance. Let’s see these awesome hair ideas here for your 2020 prom with 18 inch weave

Pin back side

03 18 Inch Weave For Prom Hairstyle Ideas

No need something big, pin back side can absolutely make sense. Imagining a sweet girl with a frock dress walking to aisle, her long hair with shiny clips will absolutely impress you. An easy do-it-yourself hairstyles is pin back side. Instead of wasting money to have prom’s hair, you can do it at home and spend money on your makeup set and dress. Of course, you need a hairstylist to apply 18 inch weave first!

Diamond clips and hair spray is enough to do this hairstyle. If you want a tender look, get some waves with hot tools. You should make a deep part to separate your hair. A Z-shape part will pop your hair up for sure. Add more hair spray to keep waves longer. Then clip your diamond pins to one side of your hair. It isn’t difficult, is it?

Low messy ponytail

04 18 Inch Weave For Prom Hairstyle Ideas

Classic but never out. While high sleek ponytail conveys an energetic and youthful vibe, low messy ponytail will bring you a soft look. After apply your 18 inch weave, you should use hot tools to make slightly waves to have bigger hair volume floppy hair strands. Then, you simply make low ponytail with elastic bands. You should use a hair stands on your nape, make it as sleek as possible by using hair spray and roll it around elastic bands to hide it. Don’t forget to pull your hair from upper and use hair spray to keep them in order. Thanks to that, your hair style will have good dimensions. After that, make some more waves in your ponytail and then comb them out to make a messy ponytail. We’ve done!

Corncrow with ponytail

05 18 Inch Weave For Prom Hairstyle Ideas

Corncrow with ponytail is just a form of ponytail. However, it creates a strong look for every dynamic girl. Unlike 2 hairstyles above, you absolutely should go to hair salon to have a stunning hairstyle for prom. Depending your favorite, you can make different number of corncrow. For me, I love 4 feeds in because your corncrow won’t be too big. Hairstylist can apply your 18 inch weave before make corncrow if your hair is too short. On the other hand, your hair is long enough, hair extension will be used to create an extra ponytail in both length and volume. In my opinion, 18 inch curly weave will be perfect match for this hairstyle.

Glamor waves

06 18 Inch Weave For Prom Hairstyle Ideas

Wavy hair is always for classy girls. A side part with glamor waves is absolutely suitable to every prom dress. Good dimension is the most attractive feature of this hairstyle. A hair designer is ready to create it for you. I believe that your hairstyle will help you stand out from other girls in the crowd. An advice from Apohair, it is better to have colored 18 inch weave, it will make your wavy look more and more glamor even when someone else has the same hairdo.

Where to buy good 18 inch weave?

Vietnamese hair is undoubtedly one of the most favorite hair extension in the world. In comparison with Brazilian and Peruvian hair, Vietnamese is natural straight, black with soft feel when touching it. Moreover, it is easy to take care than other hair from other country. Thin and smooth cuticles are easy to absorb nutrients from external haircare products. And Apo hair, one of the biggest hair company in Vietnam, supply high quality 18 inch weave for you.

Apohair 18 inch weave has noticeable features as below:

  • 100 % human remy hair extension, no synthetic fibers
  • No shedding, no nit or lice
  • Tangle free with good smell
  • Lifespan: 1-2 years with proper care
  • Ability to dye from natural black to dark blonde color
  • Ability to style by hot tools

07 16 Inch Tape In Hair Extensions

However, our 18 inch weave are not in black only. We have a variety of more than 30 colors with different shades. One of our distinctive factors are our cold color which are beloved by many clients from Europe and America. It is not these boring colors, we can throw your hairstyles up with ombre and mixed piano color. We can design your hair color into something new and unique that only you have. Are you ready to choose your own color? Also, we create more than 30 textures from straight to wavy to curly. That is why we approached America and South Africa quickly in 2014.

18 inch weave is so convenient and flexible for you to make a new tress. Now, your prom will never get bored by your hairstyle anymore. Let’s pop your hair up with hair extension from Apohair. We are confident to reach your desire. 

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