10 Quick & Easy Hairstyles With Hair Extensions

Vietnamese Hair Extensions
Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Hair extensions provide the convenience for you to change your look at anytime. And with Vietnamese hair extensions, you can make it look new by switching them up with various styles.

Start styling your Vietnamese hair extensions with these ten quick and easy hairstyles that are creative and fun! Have a look.

Vietnamese Hair Extensions

  1. Heatless Twisted Low Bun

There is a chicness to this hairstyle regardless of the type of extensions you have. Whether you’re spending a day in the office or going on a romantic date, this is your go-to hairstyle. There are so many ways you can dress your twisted low bun proving there is no such thing as it being basic. And it is easier to do when you own Vietnamese hair extensions because it make you totally graceful in this hairstyle.

Vietnamese Hair Hairstyle

  1. Heatless Braided Ponytail

Let’s admit it, ponytails can get boring. Just because ponytails can get boring does not mean there aren’t ways to refresh a standard hairstyle.The braided ponytail is another style that is great for clip-ins as well. This style is a statement without any words and naturally enhances your facial structure and features. It is very suitable to use Vietnamese hair extensions when you apply this style.

  1. Heatless Braided Headband

The braided headband is the ultimate hair hack for a simple hairstyle!

It is created using your hair and is great whether you’re going for a messy look or neat. There is something about braids and messiness that just go so well together. Adding the braid is a great accent to making what seems to be a common style look so different.

It’ll also keep free-flying hair stay out of your face so you can show off your gorgeous makeup. Tease the Vietnamese hair extensions a little to give it a bit of a lift. Next, take two medium strands of hair and began to braid across your hairline leaving some hair in the front section before the braid.

  1. Double French Braids

While we’re on the topic of elegance, let’s add double french braids to the list.

You can achieve this look by either braiding or twisting, and it’ll still come out gorgeous. The key to making sure this style is correct is to have the downward middle part even. You’ll also need equal amounts of hair on each side.

This hairstyle will help you save time and is perfect for clip-in Vietnamese hair extensions. Part your hair down the middle and section off two sides, one section on the right, the other section on the left. At the front of your hairline, take three strands of hair using your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger as your comb and use the french braid method to achieve.

If you want thick, full, and soft hair to make as many hairstyles as you want, and also at the same time you wanthigh qualityhair­­­ products, you will fall in love with our Vietnamese human hair extensions. Apo Hair Extensions are proud of offering customers with our superior quality Vietnamese virgin hair extensions.


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